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Watch 3D TV With No Glasses…Thanks to VISIO

Watch 3D TV With No Glasses…Thanks to VISIO

by Stephen BrownJanuary 11, 2013

Vizio unveiled a line of XVT Ultra HDTVs at CES 2013. The new screens not only offer glasses-free 3D, but also an insane 4K-level resolution that makes standard HDTVs look like a 1950’s black and white tube.

If that wasn’t exciting enough for hardcore cinema junkies, Vizio’s new TVs are room-filling behemoths, going as large as 70 inches. At that size, users can turn the living room into a true cinematic experience.

The glasses-free model displayed at CES 2013 is just a 55-inch prototype, but initial reports are very positive and impressive from various outlets. It’s expected that the glasses-free 3D models with 4K capability will be available by 2014. If you can’t wait, Vizio is also putting out a line up of 4K TVs that use the tried and true glasses for 3D effects.

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