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Computer Controlled Anti-Gravity is now a reality

Computer Controlled Anti-Gravity is now a reality

by Stephen BrownAugust 6, 2018


Imagine being able to move, control, & levitate real objects around you as you please, with ‘ZeroN’  technology it is now possible.  Researcher Jinha Lee of the MIT media lab  has created a miniature anti-gravity environment where people and computers can interact with levitating materials in a three-dimensional environment. Materials can be manipulated and moved, left suspended in mid-air, or programmed to follow various paths.

The Computer Controlled Levitation Works Using Electro-Magnetic Signals Processing


The ‘ZeroN’ computer is able to harness electromagnetic forces for levitation. A sensor then tracks the location of the spherical object every millisecond  and adjusts the electromagnetic energy from above. The computer repels or attracts the object keeping it on its programmable path. What all of that means is in the future, any object could potentially be coated with the this material and become weightless.



Watch It In Action Below

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