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Many Christians Furious As Google Snubs Jesus Again On Easter

Many Christians Furious As Google Snubs Jesus Again On Easter

by Stephen BrownMarch 15, 2013



Whether you’re hunting for eggs or attending services to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, it’s probably safe to say you’re observing Easter in some form or fashion this Sunday. However, don’t expect one popular search engine to celebrate with you.

Google, which regularly features special occasions on their homepage in the form of a logo ‘doodle,’ decided to acknowledge the 86th birthday of  the labor leader Cesar Chavez,  instead of acknowledging Jesus Christ & the Resurrection Holiday — a choice that has incited outrage from Christians on Twitter, and other social outlets.

Christians longstanding complaints about Google’s choice of “Google doodles” had  Glenn Beck and other prominent Christians today tweeting their utter disbelief, even threatening to move over to Bing. 

This isn’t the first time Google has ignored Easter. A search of their past doodles shows only one doodle — from 2000 — that recognizes Easter with two decorated eggs. A search for Christmas reveals holiday-themed doodles, but only two, from 2010 and 2011, even feature depictions of Santa. Many past doodles show lights, presents and loosely Christmas-related items, however, making the snub of Easter seem even more blatent.

Yet as Twitchy reports, Google isn’t just shunning religion-based holidays. They’ve also ignored D-Day at least twice by celebrating the invention of Tetris and the drive-in movie. And in 2012, the search engine gave only a tiny nod to Memorial Day in the form of a miniature American flag.

While some could argue that Google is being sensitive to those who don’t celebrate Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas, St.Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and other holidays,  have  secularized roots. This is also the same company that has honored the ‘Day of the Dead’ which has been a Google doodle every year since 2008.

While ‘Day of the Dead’ is an important Mexican national holiday that celebrates the dead, there is absolutely no good argument for why it deserves more acknowledgement than holidays that celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

We feel that Google’s choice is in very poor taste. To us, this shows a glaring lack of spirituality that is way too prevalent in our society. Please Leave Your Facebook Comments Below.

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