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Google Will Be Eliminating All Child Pornography Off Its Search Network

Google Will Be Eliminating All Child Pornography Off Its Search Network

by Stephen BrownJune 17, 2013


Google announced plans over the weekend to remove all child pornography images from the web by using a new, picture-sharing database.

The program, which the Telegraph reported will be operational within the year, will allow search engines and other web companies to swap information about images of children being abused or raped. Pictures that have been flagged as inappropriate, then — especially by child protection companies such as the Internet Watch Foundation — will be cleared from the web.

At the moment, flagged or earmarked images are difficult to eliminate entirely given the absence of a web-standard database. This new program will increase transparency between web engines and — hopefully — speed up the process of tracking down and universally erasing these types of pictures.

In a recent statement, Google Director of Communications and Public Affairs Scott Rubin said: “We have a zero tolerance attitude to child sexual abuse imagery online. The fight to remove these images from the Internet is a global one, and we hope these measures will help in that important battle.”

Do you think this sounds like an effective way to abolish online child pornography? Tell us in the comments below.


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