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Terrence Howard Ready To Give Up Acting To Pursue Passion for Science & Tech

Terrence Howard Ready To Give Up Acting To Pursue Passion for Science & Tech

by Stephen BrownMarch 11, 2013


Terrence Howard is a singer and an actor who has had some very prominent roles, but according to reports he is ready to give up acting to pursue a greater passion Science & Technology. What most people don’t know is that Howard is actually an influential scientist.

Howard has been interested in science since he was a youth. He studied chemical engineering at Pratt Institute in New York and received his doctorate. Recently, he started a diamond-growing venture, and he has filed for 23 patents over the past several years.

 Howard says: “I have greater things I can contribute to the world of science than an actor.”

The actor and scientist admits that being an actor has its rewards. He says he will continue acting only if it allows him to advance personally. Howard insists that he will only accept acting roles that will give him the chance to learn about humanity like his latest project, “Dead Man Down,” in which he portrays a mob boss who walks into a trap created by his own mistakes. What makes this movie one he favors is that there are no bad men or good men in it; just those who rallied between the right and the wrong.

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