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Everyone Should Learn How to Code, But How Do I Start?

Everyone Should Learn How to Code, But How Do I Start?

by Stephen BrownApril 5, 2013


By Contributing Writer Neil Lopez: Neil is a web development guru & tech enthusiast.




Wouldn’t it be cool to build something that thousands or millions of people could use on a daily basis? Well, in technology the old adage of “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” is pretty much rule number one.

At DigitalAfro, we are developers here, we live and breathe code & tech culture, but where did that passion come from? To be quite transparent, some of it we were born with, but most of it we had to learn.

Everyday someone says to me “I have an idea for an app, but I don’t know how to code.” Well today I’m gonna give you the tools and the excuse you’re looking for to learn. Most of the Applications that are coming out today have more functionality and are easier to bring to life then just a couple years ago. There are websites you can go to that will help you build small scale apps, however, the end product usually looks pretty generic and cookie cutter.

Bottom line is, in order to build a great product, you need to learn to write code…. But where do I start? If you want to learn, Code.org is an awesome resource. They teach you the principles of writing code from basic to advanced with the tag line “Anyone Can Learn.” Their objective is to empower everyone with the tools that drive today’s technology.

Go to Code.org, roll up your sleeves, and start making great apps and websites millions of people can use today. The next huge idea could be yours.


Code.org’s initiative to teach people to write code has gained serious celebrity endorsements from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh, Will.I.am, Al Gore, and dozens of others.


Code.org’s extremely user friendly website offers  a  solid mix of challenging and fun exercises to help you get going fast. Take a look at the great video by Code.org, and get involved today.


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Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and Nubby.co, he is the founder of DigitalAfro.com, & StemStars.org an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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