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Legal: Law Student Who Knows His Rights Owns Policeman

Legal: Law Student Who Knows His Rights Owns Policeman

by Stephen BrownApril 17, 2013

*Please watch and learn from this video. Know Your Rights. Never, Ever consent to any searches or seizures( delaying you or holding you without real suspicion of a crime).  I respect police officers, but you do not have to talk with them, give your ID, give up your belongings, or do anything else unless your under arrest for an actual crime no matter what they tell you.


Remember these tips when encountering police

*Be respectful at all times, but be firm about your rights.

*If your ever pulled over and they say “step out of the car”, lock your car to limit access to your vehicle and belongings.

*Request a supervisor if you feel as though your rights are being ignored or violated.

*Whenever pulled over by police always call a friend and place them on speakerphone  in case anything happens.

*Under the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, you never have to communicate with police at all, even if you are arrested. Police are trained to remember every word you say and they will use that in court against you. If your ever arrested request your lawyer first, do not answer even the slightest question without your attorney present.


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