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What Apple Could Have Planned For The Long Awaited iTV

What Apple Could Have Planned For The Long Awaited iTV

by Stephen BrownMay 14, 2018


A new video has surfaced online providing a glimpse of what Apple’s long-rumored television, the iTV, could bring to our living rooms this winter.

The video, created by software engineer, and product designer Sam Beckett, shows an Apple branded HDTV that is controlled using an iPad and Siri voice commands. The TV also features an entirely new user interface controlled by hand gestures similar to the iPad & iPhone .

Siri could be used to set recordings verbally, and perform other tasks. There’s also an  intuitive TV Guide and Genius feature that would make discovering new shows quick and easy. Of course there is iTunes integration, iSight software for the built in TV camera, and dozens of  pre-installed apps.

It’s been rumored that Apple has been working on a television as far back as 2009, and gained traction when CEO Tim Cook said that television is an area of  extreme  interest for the company during an interview in December.

Alternatively, Apple could unveil an updated version of its Apple TV, which the Wall Street Journal believes will be a set-top-box that erases the distinction between live and on-demand TV.

A listing on Apple’s Jobs site in February added evidence to the speculation, revealing that Apple is seeking a Software Engineer Manager to join the Apple TV team to lead the development of new features for the platform.

Watch the video below and see what cool things Apple could be set to release this Christmas.


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