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Why Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, & Bill Gates are Funding Lab Grown Meat

Why Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, & Bill Gates are Funding Lab Grown Meat

by Stephen BrownJuly 3, 2018


Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, & Google’s CEO Sergey Brin have released a joint statement saying that they are funding a Dutch University’s project to craft the world’s first lab-grown burgers and meats.

This new synthetic meat is extracted via stem cells from a cow’s body which means no animals are killed in the process.

This humane new approach to creating meat  is apparently what intrigued Google co-founder Brin, who appeared in a video posted on The Guardian, “We have a futuristic vision of pristine farms, a couple of cows, a couple of chickens, and a very clean sterile environment, but that’s not actually how meat gets produced today.”


How this new humane process works

Early phases of the project cost roughly $1,250,000 euros ($1,332,000 US), but could offer a glimpse at the future of humane food production. The burger was cooked and eaten today at an event in London.

Side note (People who ate said it tasted very close to the real thing) 

With world food supplies constantly being stressed by disease, weather, and other factors, Is this a good idea? your thoughts.


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