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Company Claims Their Device Can Help You Control Your Dreams Like ‘Inception’

Company Claims Their Device Can Help You Control Your Dreams Like ‘Inception’

by Stephen BrownMay 3, 2013

Sometimes technology can seem a bit ‘surreal’. Perhaps you saw a cool concept  in a movie, and said to yourself ” in the distant future, we might actually have something like that.” What’s always so interesting, (and what we always like to display here on DA) is that what you thought was creative sci-fi imagination, is usually here right now.

For centuries, science has been studying the human sub-conscious & why we  dream, in an effort to understand more about the brain. Most of us, because of the incredible complexities of the brain, are not aware of, or even in control of our dreams. However, a company in California is trying to change all of that with a new product and IOS application called Remee.

Have you ever felt like you were half asleep/half awake? that phenomenon is the golden ‘lucid’ dream state. Remee’s special REM enhancing sleep mask helps steer you into ‘lucid’ dreaming. The premise is that if your sleeping, the  conscious parts of the  brain can be made aware that your’e dreaming. Hence over time, helping you be more alert during ‘lucid’ dreaming, and giving you more  conscious control of your dreams.

So what would you choose to dream about if you could?  flyng a jet, racing cars, or playing the perfect round of golf? hmmm… we’ll let you ponder that for a while.

Technology Overview

Most of us cycle through various sleep stages throughout the night, with the REM stages lasting the longest usually into the morning time. What Remee does is it notices these longer REM stages and  ”enters” your dreams via 6 red LED’s that you can unconsciously “see” even with your eyes closed. You don’t wake up, but you are made aware that you are dreaming, and in turn, learn to direct your dreams more efficiently because you are ‘awake’ on a tertiary level.

The Remee mask measures your eye and head movements, and determines when you are  in REM sleep, rather than  in non-REM sleep. The  algorithms  behind this sensing is known asactigraphy, which measures minute muscular responses –including eye movements — associated with sleep stages. There’s also a nap setting for shorter segments of time before the show begins.

You can customize Remee for different sleep styles, sleep patterns, or nap cycles via the iPad App. You can also adjust the intensity of the lights in case you are a ‘light sleeper’ (no pun intend.) You can pre-order your Remee at for only about $99 

*Just don’t forget your spinning top.

Watch the video below to get more “Incite” on the  project. 


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Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown @SteveBTech is a Technology Entrepreneur, & Int'l CES Judge. Along with being the founder of DigiLyfe, and, he is the founder of, & an organization that teaches K-12 Students Science & Technology.

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