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North Korea Releases New Propaganda Video Showing US Military in Nuclear Flames

North Korea Releases New Propaganda Video Showing US Military in Nuclear Flames

by Stephen BrownMarch 29, 2013

North Korea released the latest propaganda video showing President Obama, The US Military the White House all in a “Sea of Nuclear Flames”

Naturally this is in North Korean, but if you want to read the translation we have it for you below.


Video Translation

North Korea News – Invasion Of South Korea, 150,000 Americans to Be Captured, 3 Day War The narrator says: “The crack storm troopers will occupy Seoul and other cities and take 150,000 US citizens as hostages.”

It is the unshakable will and resolute determination of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to frustrate hostile acts of the U.S. and its satellite forces against the DPRK and defend the sovereignty of the country. However, the U.S. is still making a foolish attempt to test the DPRK’s will and dampen its resolute decision through high-handed hostile acts including nuclear blackmail, failing to properly understand about its rival. Not content with pushing the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle war drills to the danger line, the U.S. set about making an undisguised nuclear blackmail against the DPRK after introducing mass destructive strike means equipped with nuclear warheads. In this regard the spokesman for the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA Thursday:

As the KPA Supreme Command already clarified, the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises are evidently dangerous nuclear war drills now under way as part of the most outrageous hostile acts to encroach upon the sovereignty and supreme interests of the DPRK. This is a vivid expression of the crudest violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement (AA) and all the north-south agreements. This was precisely the reason why the DPRK took an important decision to totally nullify the AA and declare the north-south declaration on nonaggression and the joint declaration on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula invalid. The decision reflected the strong will and steadfast determination of the DPRK army and the people to foil the U.S. nuclear war racket with their

own nuclear weapons, free from any binding, and wipe out all hostile forces toeing the U.S. policy now that it has become impossible to pin any hope on the validity of the above-said agreements and declarations. The U.S. is now introducing B-52, nuclear-powered submarines and other nuclear strike means into south Korea and its vicinity in a bid to test the DPRK’s will and break its resolute determination. The flying corps of strategic bombers equipped with nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered submarines serve as “the three major nuclear mainstays”

and “the three major nuclear strike means” along with intercontinental ballistic missiles that the U.S. brandishes as means of blackmail as it pleases. What should not be overlooked is that the U.S. picked up B-52 and nuclear-powered submarines out of these nuclear strike means to send them to the sky above south Korea and its waters for a nuclear strike drill under the simulated conditions of an actual war against the DPRK. The U.S. is openly calling it a strong warning message to the DPRK and is claiming in public that it would continue such threat and blackmail against the DPRK in the future. But the army and people of the DPRK will never be frightened at such a warning message, threat and blackmail. The U.S. should not forget that the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam where B-52 takes off and naval bases in Japan proper and Okinawa where nuclear-powered submarines are launched are within the striking range of the DPRK’s precision strike means. Now that the U.S. started open nuclear blackmail and threat, the DPRK, too, will move to take corresponding military actions. The DPRK’s declaration that it will react to the nukes of the enemy with nuclear attack more powerful than them is by no means an empty talk. The world will clearly see the provocateurs, who hurt the sovereignty of the DPRK, meet a miserable end in the flames of justice kindled by the army and people of the DPRK to defend its sovereignty.

The New Film ‘Olympus has Fallen’ and the ‘Red Dawn Remake’ Depict two different scenarios of North Korean Invasions.

Is a North Korean invasion against South Korea and possibly the US realistic?, Please Leave your Facebook comments below

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