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Man Builds Real Laser Gatling Gun Like Terminator 3

Man Builds Real Laser Gatling Gun Like Terminator 3

by Stephen BrownJuly 5, 2013



 At Digital Afro, we always show you how science fiction and reality are quickly becoming blurred together.


Last week reported on  Patrick Priebe’s Hand Held Laser Gun he built in his garage. Now he has raised the stakes 5 fold, five more chambers of zapping power to be exact. Patrick and his buddies have come up with something even more spooky and awesome, a laser Gatling gun reminiscent of ‘Terminator 3.’

The prototype gun has a rotating barrel of six Class 4 Arctic laser modules from Wicked Lasers Inc.. When it spins, it sends out a tube of laser light that can vaporize a balloon almost instantly.

The laser Gatling also has a bright green Krypton laser for targeting.

The gun is about 25 inches long and weighs some 8.5 pounds, so it’s really a two-handed weapon, according to Priebe. The shell is made of about 60 aluminum parts that are spray-painted with black automotive paint.

The gun takes eight regular AA batteries for the motor, pointing laser, and LED logo, as well as four lithium ion cells for the 1.4-watt Arctic lasers.

The axle is held in place by four bearings, and it has an adjustable rotation speed.

Asked how he came up with the idea for a Gatling laser, Priebe simply says, “I had a rough idea of the design in my head. The rest, as always, was part by part, step by step.”

 “It’s too dangerous for outside use, Patrick says,  so right now it’s strictly for display only.”


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