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Movie Tech: US Military Wants Real IRON Man Suit Operational by 2020

Movie Tech: US Military Wants Real IRON Man Suit Operational by 2020

by Stephen BrownNovember 23, 2017


US Army wants TALOS Iron Man Suit for Special Forces by 2020

TALOS, the (Tactical Assault Light Operator) suit is like a science fiction dream come true for many people, especially soldiers in the military. A light weight but super strong suit equipped with technology & cool gadgets that looks like it came right from STARK Industries is enough to excite any one. Perhaps more importantly, the reason the United States Military commissioned the design of these suits is pretty grim after scores of soldiers have been maimed, and killed in wars in Iraq & Afghanistan is more than just science fiction fan hype.

The TALOS suit is designed to increase a soldiers survivability, while providing an array of important tactical tools for the battlefield as well including night/thermal vision, integrated communications arrays, life support monitoring, enhanced strength, built in terrain mapping,  and protection from shrapnel fragments and projectile rounds.

All of the suits have  an on-board computer installed that will respond in real-time to particular situations and will provide the user with improved situation awareness. The suit will be employing the use of liquid armor which is being developed at MIT and is known to transform from a ‘liquid to solid in milliseconds when a magnetic field or electrical current is interrupted.’ This liquid armor sensor makes the suit bulletproof when switched “on”.

Early Versions of the TALOS Experimental Exoskeleton

The US Army says that it wants the TALOS system operational for Special Forces troops by 2020. Although we are no fans of war, this technology could prove vital to saving thousands of lives in the future.


To Learn More About TALOS Watch the Videos Below


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