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Inside Lamborghini’s Incredible All Electric Terzo Concept

Inside Lamborghini’s Incredible All Electric Terzo Concept

by Stephen BrownMarch 27, 2018


The Lamborghini Terzo concept. The self healing, all electric super car of the future.


Lamborghini just teased a mind-blowing super car concept that is is poised to change the way we look at the car company forever.

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept is the result of collaboration between Lamborghini and MIT, wherein the two parties are digging into materials research and other automotive-related areas. The whole point is to envision a supercar not from the next generation, but the generation after that. It focuses on five distinct areas — energy storage, materials, propulsion, design and emotion.

In terms of propulsion, it packs four electric motors, one in each wheel, which permits more freedom in design by hiding all the motor-related stuff in the wheel wells.

Electric Motors built into each wheel well allow the Turzo to collect, generate, and regenerate power.


As for energy storage, Lamborghini moved away from standard batteries and instead focused on supercapacitors, which can accept and deliver charge faster than batteries can, while withstanding numerous charge cycles and featuring storage capacities much higher than standard capacitors. Lamborghini currently uses supercapacitors to power the stop-start system of the Aventador.





Lamborghini and MIT are researching using the car’s carbon fiber body as an energy storage medium, turning the whole body into a battery of sorts.

That technology can also be used to monitor the car’s carbon fiber structure. If small cracks develop — say, from a collision — the charge may move through the body differently, which can kick-start a “self-repairing” process in order to prevent the cracks from growing.


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