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Company Builds Real Driving BMW Transformer & It’s Awesome

Let’s be honest, deep down most of us have a real fascination with the idea of  our cars turning into robots that can move & transform at will. Yea we’ve had the toys to play with, but now it’s time for the real thing. Turkish company Letvision seems to agree, as they have successfully created a real driving transformer prototype, and now plan to sell these dream machines to buyers.



Once in robot form, it’s capable of moving its arms, hands, and fingers, in addition to the head and neck. It can also generate fog, lighting, and sound effects. Oh, it will connect to WiFi too, but it’s not exactly clear what purpose that offers.



The Letrons says a walking version will be next  if they can find an investor to back the companies second version. No word yet on when they plan to offer the robot to customers or how much they’ll cost. One thing is for sure one of these would make  the most epic Christmas present ever!!!!


Watch The Videos Below and Prepare To Be Mind Blown


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