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How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman in Real Life? We Break Down The Numbers

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman in Real Life? We Break Down The Numbers

by Stephen BrownApril 23, 2013



One of the many things that made millions of people embrace the ‘Dark Night’ Franchise was the fact that it was grounded in the real world. The technology in the films, as slightly exaggerated as they may be, still had a strong sense of realism.  One of the resonating  questions that was on my mind when watching the films was ‘how much would one of  those gadgets or vehicles cost in the real world?’ Well some Internet researchers at Money Supermarket asked the same question, and here’s what they found.

According to their findings, if the caped crusader were to strike out on his real world crime fighting campaign, it would  cost about $682 million for starters  thanks to the price of  the mansion, the high-tech cars, gadgets, and of course all of the training.

The infographic  looks at how much it would cost to run Batman’s empire, and  It’s not easy on the wallet.

In fact, Batman’s collection of vehicles alone cost about $80 million. His Tumbler/Batmobile alone has a price tag of $18 million due to its jet engine, front-mounted machine guns, remote-control system and GPS technology.

Meanwhile, it would cost about $37,000 each year to run Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave. His weapons cost about $10,000 — from a $50,000 TLPS Grappling Hook Launcher to a $15,000 thermal camera and a $5,000 night-vision monocular. Three Batarang Throwing Stars cost about $1,000.

Other pricey accessories include a memory cloth polymer cape ($40,000), ultrasonic bat attractor ($1,000), a retinal projection system featured in his mask ($10,000), forearm blades ($1,000) and custom boosts ($1,000).

Batman’s training and education costs vary. Military pilot training would be $500,000, as would training for special firearms and several engineering degrees.




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