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Movie Tech: Company Develops the The Real Flying ‘Bat’ From Dark Knight Rises

Movie Tech: Company Develops the The Real Flying ‘Bat’ From Dark Knight Rises

by Stephen BrownSeptember 15, 2017


At DigiLyfe, we love to show you how what you see in films, is usually based in reality. For all you Batman fans this is special. In the third installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, Batman thundered over the streets of Gotham city in an incredibly cool VTOL(Vertial Take Off Landing ) flying vehicle called the ‘Bat’. Today we bring you the real thing inspired from the film called the AirMule VTOL. This prototype developed by  Israel’s Tactical Robotics Ltd just screams awesome.

The AirMule weighs around 770 Kg and is capable of catering for a payload of 640 Kg while being able to attain an altitude of 12,000 ft, and a speed of 112 Mph. It has the ability to take off and land vertically with its  internal rotor blades (just like the film,)  that allow it to land and take off within an area of 20 square meters. To add to its coolness, the internal rotor blades are much quieter compared to that of a helicopter which adds to the stealth of AirMule.

The  AirMule can carry up to 4 passengers and has a range of about 700 miles. It is being looked at as a safe alternative to helicopters going into hostile territory to recover downed air crews, or injured soldiers.” When a helicopter goes in to recover injured troops the helicopter crew themselves become targets, and we want to change that.” says Usef Ghambe project manger for ITR. The system is quiet, and can be fitted to operate autonomously or to carry medical aid or perform a number of roles.”


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