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Amazing GPS Controlled ‘Super Shoes’ Tell You What’s Cool All Around The City

Amazing GPS Controlled ‘Super Shoes’ Tell You What’s Cool All Around The City

by Stephen BrownApril 25, 2014


Today, smartphone-wielding urbanites, wandering aimlessly around the city streets are  everywhere.  Dhairya Dand. an MIT graduate student,  is looking to draw our eyes away from your smartphone screen and back onto the world around.  His unique invention SuperShoes insoles use tickling patterns to communicate typical smartphone functions to your feet, and keep you in tune with the world around you.

By pairing with the user’s smartphone, the SuperShoes then act as a tour guide, tickling both feet when they have a suggestion for a new place to try as the user travels around the city, and improving their understanding of their interests as they go.

Aside from alerting you to a hot new Chinese restaurant around the corner, the SuperShoes ...

The app can also be synched to your calendar and to-do-list, meaning that it can devise new walking routes for when you have a little spare time or tickle both feet to remind you to take out the trash.


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