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Movie Tech: Scientists Create Plastic That Repairs Itself Like T-1000

Movie Tech: Scientists Create Plastic That Repairs Itself Like T-1000

by Stephen BrownSeptember 23, 2016


A group of scientists in Spain have developed what is said to be the world’s first self-healing polymer. The substance can spontaneously and independently repair itself without any intervention. Eerily the researchers from the Centre for Electrochemical Technologies in San Sebastian have dubbed the new material the “Terminator” polymer itribute to the T-1000, a fictional liquid metal robot from the 1991 film Terminator 2.

According to the study, this is the first time that self-healing polymer can spontaneously achieve quantitative healing independently.

The researchers also showed that, after cutting the material into two separate pieces and allowing it to self-heal, the material is unbreakable when stretched manually.

Although this is a bit creepy, this could lead to resetting broken bones in hours instead of months. Or repairing structural objects such as homes vehicles  and other items.

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